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Susan Bolos, Watercolor Artist

"Lake Nipigon" Giclee' print on paper P#2411

"Lake Nipigon" Giclee' print on paper P#2411

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"Lake Nipigon" is a Giclee' print of an original transparent watercolor painting. 

"Lake Nipigon" is a view of a sunset glowing gold on the lake with islands in the distance.

Image size 7 1/2 h x 17 3/4 w

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Lake Scape 1

Shown here "Lake Scape 1" has been printed on canvas for the homeowner. It was rolled up and mailed to Colorado where they took it to Hobby Lobby and it was stretched on a gallery wrap frame. The canvas print size is 41h x 53 3/4 w plus what is wrapped around stretcher.

I have also had a customer who had "My View" with fall colors printed on 4x4" tiles and had it mounted on their kitchen wall above the sink because they didn't have room for a window.